E3 has come and gone again this year and as usual we are super excited for the years to come and cant wait to get our hands on everything we saw/played this year.

For the First time, we at IBeatItFirst.com, actually made real physical awards to give out to only a select few…the few that we found to truly be the “Best of E3“.

So, in no particular order, here are our Best of E3 2016 picks:

Horizon Zero Dawn – Best Single Player Experience.

Horizon Award

With an actual full fledged demo this year, we finally got our hands on one of our most anticipated title and the demo gave a solid small look at the world and gameplay to come.  Check out our first impressions article here.

Days Gone – Best new IP
Days Gone Award

Showing the world for the first time a slice of what you have been working on is hard enough, but making the world look fun and engaging is award winning.  With its “Last of Us” feel of a world and actually terrifying hordes Days Gone will be on the top of our radar next year for sure.

God of WAR – Best Comeback
God of War Award

Being in the Sony press conference on Monday made me realize two things, that #1 people go ape shit for Kratos and #2 I fucking need this game to be out now!  Just watch the video, be sure to turn up the quality as this game looks buttery smooth and has re-vamp’d my love for all things God of War.   Get Hyped.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – Best Nintendo Game
Zelda Award

When I heard that the entire Nintendo booth was going to be only one game I admittedly scoffed however once I got a few minuets with the game I teared up with joy, could this be the game that brings back my Nintendo Fan Boyism?  Check out or full first impressions here.


Fifa 17 – Best Sports Title
Fifa 17 Award

While sports titles don’t normally have a huge showing at E3 the addition of a story mode changes the game (literally) into something more.  Check out our full first impressions here.


Battlefield 1  – Best Shooter
Battlefield 1 Award

This should not be a shocker what so ever.  Since it was announced Battlefield 1 has been building up a hype train to make all other FPS shy away in fear.  Check out our fully in depth gameplay impressions here.

Brut@l won a Best of E3 2016 award from us and they were ecstatic to receive it[/caption]


Brut@l – Best Artistic Style
Brut@l Award

Brut@l’s dark ASCII style is both beautiful to look at and totally something that I have never seen before.  Instead of making just another dungeon crawler they made what we all envisioned in our heads during the old days of basic gaming, and seeing that in a fully 3D world is just plain cool.  Check out our full first impressions here.


Final Fantasy XV – Best RPG
Final Fantasy XV Award

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for what feels like 15 years but come this fall it will all be worth it.  With an updated fighting system and what appears to be a huge engaging story line Final Fantasy XV has me hyped to get back into the FF franchise again. Pictured is the Annoying FFXV VR experience they have added on, don’t worry you are not missing much if you do not opt to have VR at FFXV release.


For Honor – Best Fighting System
For Honor Award

Not only is For Honor absolutely beautiful it brings a totally new battle system into the mix instead of swinging your sword randomly you need to stratedgize and balance blocking with attacking.  Amazing game and cannot wait to get our hands on it, check out our full updated impressions here.


Recore – Best Action shooter
Recore Award

When it was announced last year Recore looked to be another slow paced story driven game in an open world.  I was totally wrong.  Recore is a full fledged action shooter with an interesting combo system and weapon swapping.


Alienware – Best Hardware
Alienware Award

VR was a huge part of E3 this year and we had more than enough time to play with all of the myriad of demos.  While VR is definitely the future there was just something missing that kept me from getting excited.  Enter Alienware’s new VR backpack promising to give you a full VR experience without being tethered to your computer, blew our minds for sure, check out our full first impressions and interviews with Alienware here.


Fate/Extella -Best Anime Based Game
Fate Extella Award

We love our Anime here at IBeatItFirst, we even have a full subsection dedicated to all things Anime, called Cutscene.  So when a game comes out that ties into one of our favorite Anime we tend to get excited.  Check out our first impressions here.


LawBreakers – Best Battle Arena
Law Breakers Award

LawBreakers had a hard job, they had to convince me that LawBreakers is different than any other Battle Arena game AND that its not just going to be the next Brink.  Glad to say they more than passed my expectations and I could have easily spent the entire show playing LawBreakers and their new awesome game mode,  For a chance to get in on the Alpha check out our full first impressions here.

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