E3 2016: For Honor Updated Impressions

It’s been almost 1 year to the day since we first put our hands on For Honor.  Last time we played in a great multiplayer battle of knights laying waste to the opposition, and it was beautiful.  Since last years E3 we’ve been waiting with bated breath for more playtime with the game and this year we received it.  I am happy to say that all of the beautiful gameplay and mechanics that we saw before has nothing but gotten better and more polished.

This year’s demo was all about the singleplayer experience, wanting to show us that For Honor is more than just a MOBA.  The demo ran extremely smooth and even more beautiful than last years pre-pre-pre-pre-Alpha; my god was it beautiful too.  All of the things that made it a Best of Show last year were still there.  You choose between Knights, Vikings, and Samurai and fight in a very grownup version of a Dynasty Warriors game.  Sure you still quickly hack through the lower enemies but where this game stands out is the dueling system.

When you come across an enemy commander you have to be very deliberate in your attacks and watch every move.  You can push your guard/attack stance from left, to right, to high making sure that you’re watching their movements while preparing to attack.  If they attack from high but you’re in right guard, you’ll get hit.  I’m happy to say that they did speed up the twitch movements from last year.  Now if you’re getting ready to attack from left guard and you notice them getting ready to attack from right you can change stances at the last minute to protect yourself.  This isn’t to say that you can just continue to do last minute changes, it definitely takes effort to time your parry right.

We finally have a release date of 2/14/17 and you can even sign up for Alpha and Beta access over on their site.  Keep your eyes and ears here for more info on this great game as we’re all still aboard the hype train here.

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