Welcome to the IBeatItFirst Podcast Network

We have 3, that’s right, THREE awesome podcasts you can listen to.

IBeatItFirst Podcast – The original IBIF Podcast

The original IBIF Podcast, the one that started it all.

Patch Notes – Interviews with Gaming Devs and other interesting folks

Join Eric, Jason, and Chris as they ask game developers hard hitting questions like “who are you?”, “Wars or Trek?”, and “is a hotdog a sandwich”.
Trust us, you NEED to know this information.
Oh yeah, you’ll find out about the video games they’re making too.

Cutscene – Anime in easy to swallow shame chunks

Join Eric, Jason, & Chris from IBeatItFirst.com for a jump into the world of anime.
We focus on watching short run anime series and one shot movies and recap them each episode, helping you digest a series in small bites.