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The one that started it all. Games, Tech, Self Loathing….

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Everyone asks WHAT is Developer doing.

We ask HOW is Developer doing.


IBIF Podcast 144 – Trix are ONLY for kids!

Good news, if you can see the fruit shapes on Trix then you're not an adult!

Cutscene 105 – Akiba Maid War ep 9-12

Life at a maid café isn’t as easy as serving tea. Newcomer Nagomi must do her best to elevate the…


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Since its creation in early 2010 IBeatItFirst.com has been dedicated to creating news and reviews for gamers, by gamers. From the latest PC to Console games, IBeatItFirst.com is full of reviews without hype or exaggeration, giving you an honest working man’s perspective into what games are hot or not. Focusing on games & peripherals coming out, and not snacks & comic books like some of the other sites, we keep the site focused and delivering what you want. If ever there is any question on whether you can trust our reviews, just remember 1 thing, according to the internet….