Project CARS 2 comes out tomorrow, and I’ve had the chance to check it out the Xbox One version this week. My first impressions playing the game with the controller, is why the hell won’t my car turn more? It was nearly impossible to complete a lap without making contact with the wall. Project CARS2 is defiantly a game for the serious sim racer, and allows you to fine tune the controls in a multitude of areas. This will come in handy for those of you who have a wheel set up to dial it in to your liking and particular model. If you are a casual racer whose sim racing experience is limited to Forza and Gran Turismo, the set up can be pretty daunting. This is especially true, if like me, you use a standard controller. The base settings that are there when you boot up the game are far from perfect. Lucky for you though, I’ve spent plenty of time fine tuning the controller settings to the point where you shouldn’t have much trouble turning a lap. I’ve listed the settings I’ve been using to review the game on my Xbox One controller below for you to get a head start finding what works best for you.

Steering Deadzone – 10
Steering Sensitivity – 15
Throttle Deadzone – 10
Throttle Sensitivity – 20
Brake Deadzone – 0
Break Sensitivity – 20
Clutch Deadzone – 10
Clutch Sensitivity -45
Speed Sensitivity – 50
Damper Saturation – 50
Controller Damping – 65
Controller Vibration – 100
Minimum Shift Time – 0
RPM/Gear Display – Yes

Starting out with this controller set up should alleviate a lot of the frustration when you first boot up Project CARS 2. I recommend doing this right away, then jumping into some practice sessions and feel it out, then adjust it as you see fit. Once you’re dialed in, you’ll be ready to take on the deep and varied career mode with a smile on your face. Feel free to post what controller settings work best for you in the comments and look for my review on Project CARS 2 tomorrow after I get some time with the Day One patch.

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