Are you looking for a platform game that’s rich in backstory?  Have I got a game for you.  Full disclosure; I have not completely beat this game yet so this can’t be considered a full review, but I have logged a sizable amount of time in it.  After all, this is called IBeatItFirst, not IPlayedItALittle.  That being said, I feel I’ve played enough of the game to warrant a notice that this is a definite must pickup.  It’s available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (I’m playing it on PS4).

Most Platform games have a rudimentary story tied to them that’s just kinda there in case your interested.  That’s not the case in Pankapu as the developers have sunk a lot of time into fleshing out a very detailed backstory that includes both history of the world that you’re fighting to protect as well as information on the major characters.  It’s a small detail in the grand scheme of a platforming game, but something that I find very welcome.  You can also switch between 3 different fighting powers on the fly, Sword, Magic, and Bow.  The seamless transition makes traversing the game quick and doesn’t slow down your gameplay or movement timing the way that going into a menu would.

If you listened to our podcast this week you probably hear me talk a bit about the game, specifically the controls.  As this is a platforming game, tight controls are key to making an enjoyable game and Pankapu has some of the tightest controls that I’ve experienced in a long time.  Sure not all games are as muddy of controls as the secret dungeon at the end of Final Fantasy VX, but for platformers the difference between good controls and great controls can easily cost you new TV (I don’t condone rage-quitting by throwing you controller at the TV, but even I have contemplated it before).  If you let go it stops, if you jump it jumps, everything in such precise timing that if you missed the mark it’s you’re own damned fault.

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