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Author: Battousai311

Eric is an avid gamer with a passion for equal parts mass destruction and engaging stories. Sure those don't always meet eye to eye, but deal with it. FPS, JRPG, Hack & Slash, he loves it all.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console, especially for multiplayer gaming, but with it’s great design comes some limitations.  One of the big limitations is how to easily charge those extra controllers for all that multi-player goodness, without leaving a weird mess all over your TV stand (the PSVR has that one handled all on it’s own, thank you very much).  In comes Nyko with their latest Charge Block additions to support both the Joy-Con and the Pro Controller.

Charge Block for Joy-Con

Supporting 2 sets of Joy-Con (4 total units), this block has everything that you want.  It’s easy to use, can charge a large amount of controllers, and displays your controllers really well (especially if you have some dope white ones like I do).  The front and back of the unit can be easily connected to other Charge Block units for a cool little train of chargers.  Just like when connecting to the Switch console, there is a definite click point to let you know that the controller is in and charging.  The other way you know that they’re charging is by looking at the SUPER BRIGHT green LED’s on the front of the unit; 4 in total, 1 for each controller.

Charge Block Pro for Pro Controller

While the Charge Block for Joy-Con is designed to charge 4 units at once, the Charge Block Pro can only support 1 controller, and that’s ok.  Why is it OK?  Because I’m sure that most Switch owners will only have 1 pro controller (I dare you to tell me you have more than one).  The unit comes with an adapter that plugs in to the USB Type-C port on the front of the controller and slides into the dock with ease.  The only gripe that I have is the LED to signal charging is virtually nonexistent.  While the Joy-Con unit has the aforementioned SUPER BRIGHT green LED’s on the front, this unit only has a really tiny, and dull, red light on the top dongle.  This shortcoming is made even more apparent since the dongle points away from you, making it even harder to view the LED than it already is.


The minor shortcoming of the LED on the Pro unit does little to detract me from recommending both of these units fore purchase.  You simply can’t go wrong with adding these 2 units to your TV stand to help support longterm gaming sessions.  I have used many brands for charging controllers in the past and these are by far the best that I’ve used.  The ability to link the units together is enough of a draw for me to change out my PS4 charger as well.  Grab both on Amazon for under $20 each, and upgrade your TV stand (your SO will love you for it).

Charge Block for Joy-Con

Charge Block Pro for Pro Controller

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