For Honor E3 First Impressions

We started off Day 3 of E3 with a bang with Ubisoft’s For Honor.  It might look like a Dynasty Warriors clone but generals leading soldiers into war is about the only part.  We were brought into a small room with 16 gaming systems and sat down for a 4 on 4 battle of epic proportions.  We started off on opposite sides of a map with A, B, & C territories to take control of.  The major differences are that while the minions are basically sword fodder for your character, the fighting between generals becomes a bit of a chess match with your constantly switching from left, right, and upper guard to counter their attacks and parry; it sounds simple, but it’s not.  You can easily overtake 1 General by double or triple teaming them, but that leaves 1 or both of the other territories open for attack.  The back and forth tipping of the scales was great and got increasingly better as we figured out the intricacies of the layouts.  Easily flanked from 3 sides in the front area?  Head into the back room where they get bottlenecked coming after you and have a hard time hitting you.  Why do they have a hard time hitting you?  because they even added in wall collision to make the game as realistic as possible.  This adds a whole new level to the chess match because you can push yourself up against a wall and ostensibly remove 1 of the 3 positions as a possibility.  Right now it’s only slated to have multiplayer online, but here’s crossing our fingers that they will have couch multiplayer as well.  You will also be able to choose from Medieval Knights, Scottish Warriors, & Samurai (all both male and female), as well as different weapons.  Hopefully this game comes out quickly because I want to get my fix again.  Keep your eyes open and we’ll let you know as soon as it has a release date.

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