E3 2016: Law Breakers First Impressions

We were invited to come and check out Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski’s newest game, Law Breakers.

Set in a post-POST-apocalyptic world the inhabitants of earth have already survived the end of the world, but will they survive each other? Currently still in early pre-alpha LawBreakers will offer up your typical arena style death matches, domination and other familiar game types but with an entertaining twist… to make gravity your bitch.   At the center of each arena there is a zero gravity section that allows all characters to move all every which way, adding TONS of strategy, combat styles and loads of chaos. Today we got a chance to play LawBreakers newest game type, Turf War, think Domination but with a few interesting changes.  Instead of constantly running around capping the same points over and over again each round only allows a capture point to be captured once (adding a point to the teams score) once all three positions are captured everyone then fights it out in what they called,  intermission. During intermission you can set up defenses, earn boosters by killing the other team, or get ready for the next round to attack to capture more points. Rounds last only a few minuets but will continue until 1 team captures 13 points total.  This simple change makes people constantly move and play more defensively instead of running around in circles over and over again.

For an alpha build LawBreakers did look very sharp and I am eagerly awaiting the full release (or Beta action).   Coming to Steam Early Access this fall the only place you can currently get your hands on this game is with an alpha key,  Good news is we have quite the grip of alpha keys and would like to give them away!  So if you are interested please drop us a line in the comments and we should be able to hook you up!

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