New Persona 5 Trailer Released… WITH GAME FOOTAGE!

As you can probably guess, we here at IBeatItFirst are super psyched about a new installment of the Persona series.  While it’s still slated for a late 2015 PS3 & Ps4 release, the kind folks at Atlus have graced us with some actual in-game footage to go with the amazing animation.  Here is the video, and below that are some of my takeaways:

  • Cat Burglary seems to play a roll in this
  • There will be another Teddy type character, this time a cutesy cat that may be a plush version of a real one
  • Dungeon Crawling appears to have added in a semblance of platforming
  • You’ll have a set of younger twins(?) aiding you in the Velvet Room
  • Menus, just like everything else in the game, will be slick and stylish
  • Characters don’t seem to summon there Persona, like in previous games, but rather fuze with them (seen below) in to masked do-gooders

What about you guys, notice anything else?  If so, let us know in the comments below.

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