Its been a while since I have added a game to the Wait For The Bargain Bin (WFTBB) list but I called it early on that Evolve was looking to be an early candidate. Well Not only is Evolve on my WFTBB list I would even look into putting it on the NEVER FUCKING PURCHASE THIS LUMP OF BULL SHIT GARBAGE list, but Ill let you all decide.

Look at this absolute bull shit LOOK AT IT This is DAY ONE

So not only are you paying $60 for a sub-par team based MOBA but anything that looks cool in the game is at an extra cost?!?! NO! FUCK YOU Turtle Rock Studios, FUCK YOU 2K for pushing this out, AND FUCK anybody that buys into this BULL SHIT!!

“But Jason, You don’t HAVE To purchase the DLC content you can still play the game”
This is true, but this is a horrible standing to make you pay for shit that is ALREADY on the disk or developed at the time of release

“Other Games have DLC why dont you freak out about them?”
Its true, while I am never a big fan of obvious DLC ploys (looking at you Destiny) I do support the idea that Devs continue to work on their game to make more content AFTER the initial release. Not when they are just greedy in asking you to pay more for shit they already made. Maybe if they spent half the time ACTUALLY developing the game instead of thinking of ways to grind more money out of you they might have made a decent game.

“The DLC doesn’t bother me I still find the game different and fun”
Hey man that is cool if you have friends you like to play with just be sure to not buy into these different skins and other DLC so we can send a message that cheap DLC will not stand.

Ok sorry, Rant over, just FUCK this game man good grief.

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