Sony E3 2015 Press Conference Coverage

I heard “Here we fucking go” 20 times before the whole thing even started.  Sony wanted to set the tone right away, I guess.  They also said reality about 20 times in the opening monologue.  This is being updated as the event unfolds.

The Last Gaurdian

FINALLY!!!!  Basically 10 years in production and molting griffin has finally made an appearance.  The game looks great!  You appear to yell out commands to get your pet to help with puzzles.  Sure, that’s pretty much what we knew about it, this is the first time that we’ve seen in-game visuals.  I’m impressed but I’m not sure that should have taken 10 years to come out.

Horizon Zero Dawn

A new franchise from Guerilla, this video captured entirely on a PS4.  Post apocalyptic earth, after we’ve destroyed everything, and nature has taken back the major cities.  The characters look like indians from BAttlefield Earth, but the rendering looks amazing.  It’s kind of odd seeing all of the techno-animals, but it works.  Can you say Giant Mecha T-Rex?


Did you get your fill of Hitman yet?  Square hopes not.  Console exclusive beta for the PS4, when you pre-order, but no actual gameplay was shown.  Dunno if I’ll pre-order w/o seeing what it looks like.

Street Fighter V

Looks just like the previous games and again wants you to pre-order the game so that you can get on the beta.  Beta starts on July 23rd.

No Man’s Sky

We finally got to see updated gameplay of this amazing sandbox game.  The space combat looks great as does the rest of the game.  The scale of this game is just insane and I can only imaging the algorithm they had to use to make the galaxy so expansive.  They went to a new, undiscovered, solar system and quickly scanned for points of interest.  The planetary reentry looked great and even gave the chemical makeup of the atmosphere.  Unfortunately we couldn’t see any aliens on this planet but we got to see the giant sentinels that come out when you damage the planet too much.  This guy is very uncomfortable on stage, probably why they only gave him 3 minutes, but the game spoke for itself.  AWESOME!


Media Molecule has made a collaborative painting game with puppeteering… Odd but interesting.  There are some crazy “dreams” that people have made.


Cell shaded, which has thankfully gotten better, and it looks to be a mystery/suspense game.  That’s about all they showed though.

Destiny: The Taken King

Sure it’s an expansion, but the expansions keep making the game better.  Energy bows, hammer axes, more mystical powers, and it’s even bringing what looked like Satan.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

This time we get to see the female twin in action, after seeing the male during the Ubisoft Presser.  She seems to be a bit more brutal than her brother and prefers to sneak around more.  The Dreadful Crimes series will be a PS4 exclusive.

World of Final Fantasy

Chibi monsters and heros in a cutesy tail with all of the major Final Fantasy heros and summons.  Ps4 and Vita exclusive in 2015.

Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE!!!!!!!

TEARS OF JOY!!!! FIRST ON PS4!!!!!!!  Enough said!

Devolver Studios Games

We’ve seen some of these talked about in last month or 2 and they’re interesting, to say the least.

Shenmue 3

Expanding on an almost 15 year old game, it should finally finish the Shenmue story.  It’s a Kickstarter, but the story has been clamored after for years and there were a lot of happy people in crowd.  Not much shown but I’m interested.

Batman Arkham Knight

The video started with The Joker being cremated and says “this is how Batman died”.  It was just a long trailer for The Scarecrow Nightmare missions though.  Nothing really big.

Project Morpheus

They showed a lot of solo Morpheus games but quickly started talking about multi-player.  RIGS will be available for 3v3 fighting.

At this point they’ve covered a lot of ground and are talking about subscription services.

Playstation Vue

They will be offering nationwide ala-carte service by the end of the year, with discounts for PS Plus members.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

My mom said that if I can’t say anything nice I shouldn’t say anything at all.  PS4 will get all map packs first… yaaay.


There was so much stuff they needed to make a montage.  Uncharted, Deus Ex, MLB the Show, Destiny, Until Dawn (feels like Saw).

Disney Infinity 3.0 (Star Wars)


Star Wars Battlefront

Hoth was earlier, here they showed a desert planet.  No matter where they go, this game just looks amazing.  2 player split screen will be great for friends.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Guess this isn’t coming out for a while because the demo glitched out and rebooted mid game.  It looks like what you would expect from an Uncharted game.  Everything runs smoothly and the animation is amazing.  Much of the environment is destructible and they did a great way of showing it off.

The Vita feels like a cursory after thought, unfortunately, and only showed up in the montage.

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