Are you getting your copy today?  I know I will be!  Remember though, no matter how hard you try, I’ll beat it first!

On a side note, I was completely down for going the digital route and downloading the game while at work today but the stupid PSN wasn’t updated yet.  AT 7:30 IN THE MORNING.  If you know me, you know that I’m still not convinced that digital only is a viable means of sales yet and this just proved it to me.  Sure, I can buy it when I get home and then DL it, but with how long it takes to DL a huge game like this I won’t be able to even play it until tomorrow.  Way to FAIL Sony, now GameStop is going to get my cash instead.


GameStop can kinda suck it too.  I now see why a functioning, relevant online store is good to have; GameStops stupid preorders.  The first store I went to only had enough copies for pre-orders, or to put it how the convo transpired:

“Hi, do you have any copies of Ni No Kuni in stock?”

“Did you pre-order the game?”

“No, I didn’t”

“Oh, we only have copies for pre-orders.  Sorry.  Next time you should pre-order it.” (make sure to add some snarkiness when reading that).

Thankfully that was not my normal store and the one I usually go to was a little less douchey.  Played a bit last night and it’s AWESOME!  I’ll have a getting started article soon.

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