Sadness surrounds the Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition!

Ni No Kuni Wizards Edition

In yet another tale of why Eric doesn’t preorder things, Namco Bandai has stated that they oversold the Wizard’s Edition and some people are getting their preorders flat out canceled.  This sucks because I actually did ponder ordering this at one point and now I’m very happy that I didn’t.  Many people have been angered by this turn of events and some are even going to the Better Business Bureau for help.  In a strange turn of events though, Kotaku is reporting that an ebay seller has made a tidy sum by selling some 200 copies for above market price (some say that the seller is even working directly with Namco Bandai).  I feel for everyone screwed by this because not only have they not been able to play the game yet (unless they shell out an additional $55-$60 and track down an uncommitted copy.) but they are also not getting this what looked to be AWESOME collectible.  Good luck brave RPG lovers!

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