PSA! PlayStation network is still undergoing maintenance! *UPDATED*

What was originally only supposed to take 12 hours has now spread in to 24. The PlayStation twitter feed updated everyone last night that it was going to go in to the morning, but that was 14 hours ago and not a peep from Sony. We will keep you updated as more info is made available but for now Sony isn’t saying much.  Updates after the READ MOAR.

*UPDATE* 11:06 am AZ TIME

The store is still down and there is still no update from Sony. Funny side note, when I try to access to store it locks up my ps3. Anybody else experiencing the same issue?

*UPDATE* 11:22 am AZ TIME

The PlayStation twitter feed has given a sort of update, no real information just that basically a 12 hour update is now going to be a 36 hour update.

“@PlayStation: Update: PSN maintenance is requiring more time than expected, and is now expected to complete tonight. We apologize for the inconvenience.”


Still no official updates from Sony on the outage. This darn outage is really messing with  my sick day, the only streaming service I can access is Netflix. Can anyone else access any other streaming services?


Finally, an update from Sony (even though it’s not the one we were hoping for). Now they say it will be back up at 2am Pacific time. Follow this link for continual updates from their tech team

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