ALERT! Bad programming still rampant with horrible foresight!

I thought that we were getting beyond this type of bad programming after horrible examples like the Y2k issues, but I guess not.  Not only are these stupid mistakes still around but it seems like the time to catching them is getting shorter and shorter.  Case in point; The Vita has been out for about a year and people have already found a horrible software limitation.  It appears that no matter how much storage you have on your Vita, you can still only have 100 applications loaded.  The only way to remedy this is to delete items and restart the Vita (which is hardly a remedy).  The hilarious part is that according to the above photo you can still load more than 100 but you can’t see anymore until you delete one.  Seriously?!?!?!  How do developers continue to put these ridiculously small limitations in their coding?  Looks like a firmware update will hopefully be coming out soon to address this.

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