Check out our great unpacking of a Zox Mystery Pack.  We first found Zox this year at E3 as they’re the preferred wristband of Sony for their Press Conferences and events.  You can see my Sony wristband, my Observe wristband, and the 3 new ones on the video above or on YouTube–M17e_mBA




Say hello to the Mona Lisa.  It’s not my personal preference for a wristband but it’s very well done.  And hey, it can keep me from being pinched on St Patrick’s Day.

IMG_20160728_184859 IMG_20160728_184957

Neon Nights.  This one is really cool as it takes you back to the late 80’s and early 90’s computer generated art.

IMG_20160728_184808 IMG_20160728_184827

My Empire of Dirt.  This is my favorite of the 3 as the design is very cool and it has a great line from one of my favorite bands, Nine Inch Nails.

IMG_20160728_184711 IMG_20160728_184734

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