Loot Anime July 2016 Unboxing: Squadron

I’ve had my eye on Loot Anime for awhile now, and was about ready to pull the trigger on a subscription a couple months ago when I opted for Akibento. The reason? The monthly themes at the time. My taste with Anime coincided with Akibento at the time, whereas Loot Anime’s themes the past couple of months haven’t really grabbed my attention. Then they announced July’s theme, Squadron, featuring items from Gate, Gundam, Arpeggio (which I have zero idea how to pronounce) of the Blue Steel, and Anti-Magic Academy. I’ve watched all of these, well, there are a lot of different Gundams, some of which I haven’t seen, but you get the idea. Gate and Gundam were at the top of my list, and I enjoyed the other two well enough to make me not only sign up, but highly anticipate it. So, let’s get to the unboxing shall we?

Okay, I really need to get better at those and not stumbling over words.

Loot AnimeThis wasn’t shown on the video, but the box itself is reversible, complete with a pop out handle to make a nifty little Gundam box.

IMG_20160727_185116Volume One of Arpeggio of Blue Steel came in those month’s box, which is really nice. I really enjoy getting Manga in these crates, and look forward to reading it, even though I’ve already watched the Anime based off of it.

IMG_20160727_185306A Gate multi-tool, complete with a hex tool, paracord, carabiner, and bottle opener. This has to be one of the best items I’ve gotten in a crate so far, and from one of my favorite recent anime’s too.

IMG_20160727_185416Oh hey, it’s my ugly face! Also a nifty little Anti-Magic Academy scarf! This happens to be a replica of teh scarf Mari Nikaido wears. If you haven’t seen it, basically it’s a harem about a bunch of misfits who have to work together. Nothing exactly unique, but it is enjoyable.

IMG_20160727_190041Also included was an Assault Kingdom Mobile Suit Gundam, that came with some assembly required. It’s posable and of fairly nice quality, but not the type of figurine I would typically buy.

IMG_20160727_190150The t-shirt this month happened to be from Gate, and is what I think is the best shirt I’ve gotten so far from an Anime crate.

IMG_20160727_190124On the back of the back of the information card was a full size poster, which is a nice touch rather than just a throwaway information card.

IMG_20160727_191614Instead of the usual monthy pin I’m used to, they actually gave you a nice cell phone charm.

That’s it for the Squadron Loot Anime, which I found to be very impressive this month. You can subscribe yourself here.

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