World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition & New Images

I’m not always the biggest Collectors Edition purchaser; I usually prefer to just buy the regular game and go on my merry way.  The same thing can be said for Jason too but we both obviously have our triggers.  For me it’s cool collectable things and for Jason it’s soundtracks (don’t ask me why, it just is) and I’ll be damned if Square-Enix hasn’t triggered both of our compulsions.  the pop-up book is cool and all, but look how cute those damned figures are!!!!!  One of them is Cloud!!!!!!  Fuck, I’m screwed and so is Jason because this damned thing is going to set each of us back $120.  Brace yourselves for a couple of homicides to happen in the Phoenix, AZ area folks, our wives may kill us.

Square also released a whole new batch of photos as well just to show how weirdly cute and awesome this game will be.  With so many games to pull summons and characters from, it’s basically like making Kingdom Hearts without having to shoehorn a bunch of Disney in to it.  Have a gander below to look at the latest batch of chibi eye candy.  Look for World of Final Fantasy to drop on October 25th.

The new images depict heroes Reynn and Lann as they encounter the Quacho Queen, who dwells in the wondrous Sunken Temple, and Ultros, the popular octopus-like Mirage first featured in FINAL FANTASY VI. New Mirages like the quacho, sharqual, mega sharqual, mindflayer and kraken roam these stunning new environments. Classic characters – including Boko, Terra, Bartz and Gilgamesh – return in adorable chibi-style art. The Mega Mirage Bahamut can also be seen using his powerful Megaflare to annihilate everything in sight, while the ultra-rare Bismarck, known as the “shining demon,” lurks in the deep seas.

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