What Does Gaming on the PS4 Look Like? Here’s a Video for You!

Sure, the music sucks, the main guy lives in a shitty apartment, and the acting is HORRIBLE, but if you can get passed that you will get a lot of information on how gaming on the PS4 works.  For one; random friends can screech in your ear from a completely different game and you can talk back to them, allowing you the chance to tell them to fuck off!  You can also access the main OS and do tons of other functions, like purchase games from the store and watch videos, w/o having to actually leave your game (a feature that could have been implemented in the PS3 but was never executed).  Speaking of the store, you can opt to download multi-player or single-player first for games to speed up the download proces.  It’s odd that they didn’t show off the “streaming” function the talked about being a huge deal in Gaikai, but maybe that will show on a different video.  So far the best comment I’ve seen on YouTube, and one that mimics what I think I will feel like while playing, is this:


Having smart phone purchasing integration will be good as well.  What do you guys think (besides the actual video sucks)?

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