Wait For The Bargain Bin Award

Currently I am working on Enslaved and should have it done within the next few days.

However I wanted to say a few things about the new game Home Front. Unfortunately for me this was a game I was eagerly looking forward to, but thankfully I had a small voice in the back of my head saying “but it will suck if they fuck it up” well they fucked it up. 4.5 -5 hours of game play for single player!? I mean, yeah all the COD’s were short but they weren’t beat it on your lunch break short. From what I understand the game is different with the way they handle the story and it is done well but why pay 60 bucks for only 5 hours when you know the multiplayer isn’t going to keep you away from COD. No.

However I will celebrate its arrival, I will give Home Front the great pleasure of being the first

I Beat It First:
“Wait For The Bargain Bin”

Congrats Home Front and THQ you tried to make me pay full price for half a game.


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