Bulletstorm = Borestorm

Above: Muff Cabbage

I guess video games are still for kids as I can’t imagine how any intelligent person would find this game entertaining.  “But Jason its a Mature game only adults can buy it”

Look at this shit man:

Eurogamer     9 out of 10
Game Informer     9.25 out of 10
GameSpot     8/10
GamesRadar 10 out of 10 <–WTF BEST GAME EVER?
IGN     8 out of 10
X-Play     4/5 stars

I don’t know what game they were playing as I played for about 15 min and was bored out of my mind.  I mean whats the point of a shooter when they make it impossible to die, here let me slow down time for you so you can hit the scary man, come on!

Please tell me what Im missing, please tell me that people are not raving about this game because they like huge men and dick jokes…who made this crap…epic games… OH well that makes sense.  Stupid.

This game reminds me of State of Emergency…remember that game?  It was pumped up sooo much to be awesome and made by rockstar….well same thing here the best thing about Bulletstorm is the hype and ad campaign, outside of that I cannot understand what would make reviewers give the game such high reviews….

Hold on there is someone at my door.

Hey, Bulletstorm is awesome! BUYZ it a millionz timez!


Now excuse me I need to go deposit a very large check from Epic Games….unrelated.

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