Difficulty played: Hard

Difficulty felt: Steep learning curve for the difficulty but it got super easy at the end.

Platform: Xbox 360

Time : about 10 Hours


Enslaved was easily my favorite surprise so far in the making of IBeatItFirst.com. It was a beautiful game with a great story and was a lot of fun to play. Unfortunately the game was plagued by a less then great camera and tired game play.

As I mentioned above the game was very beautiful, vibrant bright colors and characters, despite it being a post apocalyptic setting. The settings of destroyed NY were so beautiful it almost made me wish it would happen much better than the brown worlds of Fallout or any other post Common Era games.













Look at the diff, ugh, so much easier on the eyes. I know its a diff game and it has a diff feel/design behind it but Fallout isn’t the only game to follow this muted color palate.

Easily the best thing about Enslaved is the story. A fantastic scifi story of the same old story told a billion times..With Kill-bots. Enslaved did a great job bringing together a few very unlikely characters and made you care and wish to move forward great pacing and will to continue. The end was a typical scifi wtf moment that made me scream MATRIX but it was still and interesting ending, especially the conversation at the end of the game.

At its core, Enslaved is a typical fighter, your character Monkey has his power pole staff and a small range of melee and shooting attacks. The problem is that there isn’t much variety to his attacks and it quickly (especially on hard) turns into a press X as much as possible game. There are some fun “take down” quick time attacks that add some strategy to the fighting but after seeing them 20 times it looses its luster. However if you are wanting a great brawling game play God of War.

A few other minor complaints I have about Enslaved would be the camera, if I died at all it was because I couldn’t see that a enemy was charging me from be hid and the camera was pulled in so closely that all I could see was the one enemy in front of me. Also the game just gave you the solution to everything, even platforming was a no fail situation only allowing you to jump to designated places. Finally One of my least favorite plot holes in any story movie or game is when the characters are presented with a problem and one of the characters pulls something out of their pack or pocket and says “here lets use this”…0_o Where the fuck did that come from and why WHY did you wait till now to use it? For example Monkey and Trip are stuck at a crossing full of water, Oh noes right? nope. Monkey pulls out his cloud (basically a hover board) and says “hey I can move WAY faster on this thing”….Grr is all I gotta say GRRRR.

For an older game I would highly recommend picking this one up the game was a ton of fun and did I mention BEAUTIFUL. I for one will not be trading this game in as I have plans to play it again since..
I Beat It First.

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