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Difficulty played: No option but the game is fun and challenging

Platform: Xbox 360

Time : about 9 hours

Let me start by pointing out that this is the 4th time I have purchased this game.   The first time was on the PC, but I wanted to play on a bigger screen so I got it on the PS2 about a year later I bought it again for the xbox and now here I am buying it one more time for the xbox 360.  In case you cant tell I loved this game.

At its core BG&E is a short Legend of Zelda clone mixed with some heavy stealth a la Metal Gear Solid with a dash of God of war, oh and some pokémon snap for desert.

The game follows the main character Jade, an investigative reporter/orphanage owner living on a world currently at war with an alien race called the Domz.   The Government has hired a special attack squad called The Alpha Sections to help handle the Domz attacks but they never seem to do a great job.  Jade is then hired to investigate in to the war using her skills as a reporter to expose the truth on who the real enemy is.

Now I am going to do my best to assume that you are only reading this because you have played the original in the past and wont go too far into detail on the actual game, but focus more on the HD-ness if you would like more information on the game besides what I ramble on about here please let me know in the comments.

Howzit on HD?  Well the game looks great, for comparison reasons I pulled out one of my old copies to see just how HD it is.  Obviously the first thing I noticed was the fact I could play it on full screen without stretching everything out.  Also everything is a lot more sharper (HD duh) they made few graphical upgrades to most of the characters and for sure especially the Animals.  The best way to describe it is your grandma who is very active and can keep up with you but at the end of the day she is still your grandma, ie cut scenes are stiff and talking is done with just opening the mouth in a BAH BAH BAH fashion, but that was the way it was back then so its forgivable as long as you are aware.

One of my favorite aspects of this game was the sound track.  I remember when I played this game the first time searching frantically for the propaganda song from the Akuda bar.  The HD version does not disapoint as all the songs have been given a nice lift in quality all the great songs are back and clearer than ever.  One odd thing I did notice was that the timing for music was slightly off, now this could just be because the game is pulling from a HD instead of the disk but it still bothered me a little. (of course you wouldnt notice this without playing the game a million times before)

I was happily surprised on how well the game stands the test of time the epic “flee scenes” and story are still awesome as ever, and the feeling and joyfulness from exploring everywhere to find the last pearl or snap the last animal was still just as satisfying.

Small complaints, I will say that it was odd that the game still had a bunch of errors from the first editions still in place nothing major just graphical hiccups but if you are already redoing all the looks why not stop that “thing” from popping in and out of view like crazy.  Also the achievements/ trophies seemed to be too easy, you got an achievement for getting 6 rolls of film developed (there are 7 in the game) another for finding 80 pearls (there are 88)  Why reward someone for almost getting it all?  That just didn’t make any sense to me and I hope its not a sign of things to come where Lazy gamers get stuff for not doing anything or seeing it all the way through.

So in honor on my 4th purchase of this game and the Higher hopes of a sequel..

I Beat It First

I Beat It First

I Beat It First

I Beat It First

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