Platform: PS3, Xbox 360 & PC


Release date : September 6th, 2011





Ok, so I realize that I’m about to drop WAY more nerd than some can handle, but I have been waiting for this game to come out for well over 2 years now and the time is FINALLY about to come.  With a release date set for 9/6/11, I can hardly contain my inner Super Nerd from busting out.  If you can handle the musings of a reminiscent dork, by all means read on.

For those that don’t know, Warhammer 40k has been around for MANY years and harkens back many a fond childhood memory of customizing my Eldar army (basically elves) and having enormous battles against the Imperial, Chaos, Ork and Blood Angel armies of my friends on our battlefield (and yes we had a HUGE battlefield that we used on a regular basis; my wife is fully aware of my dark past and still loves me the same).  It’s basically a futuristic version of their original Warhammer series which has a more medieval setting.   Citing back references to JR Tolkien’s books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (and yes, I referenced the books over War Craft because any nerd worth his salt knows that War Craft came WELL after Warhammer) the worlds for both series are extremely vast and have a tremendous amount of back story that can actually eclipse Tolkien’s epics.


The game is created by the same studio that has a great history with this IP which only succeeds to increase my anticipation.  Relic Studios has had great history with 2 major game series and their many expansions, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War (a new expansion to DoW2 came out just a few months ago too).  The series helped show to avid fans like myself, that they are a company that is capable of deeply embracing the lore of the series and transferring it to a beautiful game that is a pleasure both to play and to look at.  However, the Dawn of War series is a top-down RTS (much like War Craft) and their new venture is a 3rd person action title more akin to Gears of War with a hint of Dynasty Warriors epic battle scale.  I will admit that this transition did leave me a little skeptical at first, but after seeing the tech demo of their completely new engine a couple of years ago most of my worries were alleviated.




Since there is no demo to play for this game I will admit that I only have video to reference how great this game can end up being; however, said videos mixed with the great track record Relic Studios has with this particular IP has left me wanting this game to come out for a very long time.  The game appears to swirl primarily around the war between the Space Marines and the Orks, but they do hint that the battle will also include the forces of Chaos as well (another vast army within the universe that has many ancestral ties to history of the Space Marines).  Given the prospect of added on DLC, and what appears to be a good foray in to multiplayer,  this could be another home run for Relic and THQ.






Needless to say, I will be buying this game as soon as it comes out and you can expect a full review (citing both good and bad points of the game) on this site so that all can know…I BEAT IT FIRST!


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