The Avengers was awesome and you’re an idiot if you say otherwise


I know, this doesn’t have anything to do with gaming but it HAS to be said.  Joss Whedon has made some of the best TV shows out there and has written some of the best Comic Book series there is.  With the type of pedigree that he has in the fantasy realm it seems a no-brainer that he would be able to make the best Super Hero movie ever, and now the top grossing opening weekend movie in history.  Say what you will about 3D movies; Say what you will about Comic Book movies; Joss Whedon hit this one out of the park and has finally received his much well deserved time in the spotlight.  If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Kotaku wrote a blurb article that you should read as well.  Special thanks to for making the best gif I’ve seen in a while (I just wish you could see the silly smile The Hulk gets after punching Thor).

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