What once was rumor is now fact!

That’s right, you too can buy $265 worth of hardware for $460.  WHY DOES THIS EVEN EXIST?!?!?!?  We talked about this last week as rumor and now we know that Microsoft is in fact taking sales advice from the Cell Phone industry (thanks probably in part to their new found relationship to Nokia).  So you can buy this bundle for $265-$300 and a 12 month Gold membership for $40-$60 or you can subsidize it and pay an additional $115 in interest (16.67%).  Technically it’s better than opening up a Best Buy card to finance it (sitting at 25.99% right now) but sweet jeebus.  At least this can serve as a reminder to people of the perils of financing and to always keep in mind how much that interest will get you in the end.


Microsoft is saying this is a “Pilot” program that will only be available at the 16 Microsoft stores throughout the country (there is one here in Scottsdale if you feel like being raped).  Hopefully this “Pilot” crashes and burns though.

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