Subaeria Delayed to May 9th

While I am looking forward to getting my hands on Subaeria, they have recently announced there is a slight delay and are pushing back to a May 9th release for all platforms.

Subaeria is an action/puzzle platformer with some rouge-like elements mixed in. (If that doesn’t like sound fun to you I don’t know who you are.) Indy Developer iLLOGIKA, known for their work on Cuphead and Lara Craft Go, decided on pushing back the release in order to give Subaeria the special care it deserves, its initial release date was April 24th.  Personally I am more than fine with a delay as it is all too common these days for developers/publishers to release broken games with the idea of fixing it in patches post release.

From what I can gather by looking over the trailer I get a very Bioshock, meets Portal, meets Invisible,Inc vibe… and, while I don’t know about you, that sounds fun as hell.  Keep your eyes on or tune into our podcasts for more information and of course look out for our full review once I BEAT IT FIRST.

In the meantime check out the release trailer in all its glory.


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