After reading THIS article over at Kotaku, which directly correlates to THIS article I wrote the other day, I decided a I would revisit my previous rant and give you morons playing HD games on an SDTV a little more help.  This weekend is selling a 24″ Asus 1080p Monitor for $170.  Sure it’s not a HUGE TV but it gets the job done for your gaming just fine (shit, I remember the days when I was ecstatic get a to 19″ tube TV in my bedroom so that I could play FF7.  For all of you still complaining about size, they have a 46″ Samsung 1080p LCD that is $817 w/ free shipping after you use the promo code.  They have a pretty good add going on for this weekend so get off your ass and stop being a thorn in my side!  Check out the ad HERE!

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