Borderlands 2 Ultimate Edition

The Borderlands 2 Ultimate Edition has a lot of cool stuff in it.  However the thing that has secured my need to waste more money is the Treasure chest. As I have now confirmed that the Chest is larger than you would think and is made out of heavy plastic/metal (instead of cardboard).    Normally I don’t care too much for “limited” or “collector” editions of games but this Chest has awoken my internal consumer whore.   Of course it comes with all the extra stuff seen here, and the first DLC/extra class is kinda a nice bonus, but seriously I kid you not, the Loot Chest is where it is at. ( Im gunna store soooo much loot)


Special thanks to whatever website I stole this picture from.


At $149.99 it is deffinetly not a cheep loot chest but along with all the good stuff pictured here, you will also get the first DLC add on Mechromancer.  Another character/class with a robot buddy D374-TP aka Deathtrap.  This class does sound slightly awesome and may sway me away from Zer0.  All together Gearbox has successfully managed to get this cheap ass to open his wallet.  (no easy feet I assure you)




Also I have also found that if you have a previous save from Borderlands 1 you will get an extra skin and head for each of the 4 main characters of Borderlands 2.  Its not much of a bonus for the 1000 hours I spent in BL1 but it has secured that I will be buying Borderlands 2 on the Xbox (GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS)…Sorry PS3 friends.

If Deathtrap works like Bloodwing we may have a winner.





Now shut up and take my money!

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