Sony PSN to get visual update 10/23! *UPDATED WITH VIDEO WALKTHROUGH*

Here's the New Look for the PlayStation 3's Online Store [UPDATE: Comes To U.S. On 10/23]

Sony is going to make the first major revision to the PSN since it’s induction.  It looks cool but it would be better if Sony would put out a demo video so people can see how it flows.  Click the READ MOAR to read some excerpts from the Kotaku article.

  • Sitting through a demo at Sony’s London HQ, the new store’s clean and elegant. The blue background has been replaced with a kind of smoked glass grey, and the font is bold and non-fancy and owned by Sony itself apparently, even if everyone had temporarily forgotten what it was called when I asked. Tiles are gone, and there are huge Microsoft Metro-styled pictures for the main content instead, and that stuff takes up roughly three quarters of the screen, I’d say.
  • And what of good old Search? Completely overhauled. The onscreen keyboard has been dialled back, and instead you get a column with all the letters in the alphabet, a bit like with the 360. It searches the whole word – MAS returns Mass Effect just above Tiger Woods: The Masters – and it can cope with spelling mistakes and abbreviations. It will bring up Modern Warfare 3 if you search for “MW 3”. Selections all have clear tags, too, listing whether you’re looking at a game or a movie, and while you can hunt directly for an add-on item by name.

Thanks to Kotaku and Eurogamer for the news. *UPDATED VIDEO AFTER THE READ MOAR*


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