WFTBB: Dishonored




I, personally, was looking forward to this game but if you know me I hate giving into hype.  So I decided to give it some time,  see what other people would talk about and did some research.   After looking at Dishonored very closely, I thought to myself……READ MOAR »




“Self, are you going to buy Dishonored right away?”
“Why not? It looks cool!”
“True the game does look nice and I dig the art style, even if its not amazing, but…”
“The game is short (about 10 hours to beat) and you know how I feel about that
“I sure do”
“Also it seems pretty shallow, you know there are only 5 weapons in the game?”
“Yes, but there are bunch more powers\abilities you can use, besides you would play stealthy”
“True, I would play stealthy, but do I wanna shell out $60 for a 10-15 hour game with very limited re-playability?”


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