Rumor Robot: Namco Bandai to make FLCL Game



FLCL, Fooly Cooly or Furi Kuri, the weird over the top crazy and short anime, has been rumored to have a tie in game in development by Namco Bandai.  HOORAY! For the WiiU and 3DS. BOOOO!.

Anyway the game is RUMORED to be a new story line to be more action-y instead of just a retread of the show.  I for one would hope that it would be a sequel or prequel about where Haruko went/came from.  Either way this is coming from Namco Bandai so it would probably be a safe bet that it will be a brawler of some sort.  I will eagerly watch to see if this gets any more attention and here is hoping that they don’t screw it up.

If you have Netflix instant and want to kill an afternoon feel free to watch the 6 episodes, you might like it, however if you are not overly into anime that much, be ready for the weirdest show of your life and have no idea what is going on.



WiiU ugh

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