RUMOR: Next Xbox to Require Always On Internet Connection *UPDATED*


Ok… to reiterate the headline, this is all a rumor since nobody from Microsoft will breathe about Durango to anyone.  Kotaku has heard from devs that this is true so the below article is written as if this is fact in hopes that someone at MS will read it and know how dumb the decision would be.

That’s right folks, you read that correctly.  Not content to allow time for a Red Ring of Death type incident to occur to sully the next Xbox’s release, MS has decided to bork their impending release prematurely by requiring access to the internet at all times (because it’s worked so well in the past).  To top it all off, they are saying that you won’t be able to start any games without being connected to the internet and if your connection drops off for more than 3 minutes the game will be put on hold and unable to move forward until the connection is reestablished.  This may be put in as a form of DRM to keep preowned games from being played on the system or just because of additional services that they are implementing, but it just sounds like downright lunacy to me.  I’m sure that some of the Devs and Distributors would love to make preowned game sales go away, but how much are you willing to piss of the buyers to make some of the creators happy?  What do you think about this situation?


Microsoft’s Creative Director Adam Orth Posted on Twitter:

Adam’s immediate reaction to the online blowup would lead people to believe that these rumors actually have some merit to them.  I think the below reaction is probably the most hilarious reaction you’ll see so far.  BTW, NSFW [Kotaku]

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