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CD Projekt RED has been busy

CD Projekt RED has released a CG trailer of their upcoming open world RPG Cyberpunk 2077 based off of the old pen and paper game. You may remember CD Projekt RED as the creators of the fantastic Witcher and Witcher 2. You know, the company that gave away their DLC for free, mod tools, and don’t have any […]

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Ys VIII begins with you aboard a passenger ship seeking travel to a war torn country in search of adventure. While at sea, Adol Christin, the stories red haired protagonist, hear’s from the captain a story about a cursed island they will be passing by that no one has ever returned from him. While this […]

The Evil Within Bargain Bin Review

I passed on The Evil Within when it was first released as I was balls deep in other games. Now that we are in what seems to be an infinite drought until May 19th I decided to pick up this Surreal Survival Horror game in the Bargain Bin for my PS4. Story: Playing as Sebastian […]

Testing Out Nvidia GRID

Nvidia is offering their new game streaming service, Nvidia GRID, free for owners of Shield Portable and Shield Tablets until June of next year. Hey, I have a Shield Tablet! So let’s give a shot and see how good or bad it really is! Well, when I first tried it, I was experiencing problems where […]