CD Projekt RED has released a CG trailer of their upcoming open world RPG Cyberpunk 2077 based off of the old pen and paper game. You may remember CD Projekt RED as the creators of the fantastic Witcher and Witcher 2. You know, the company that gave away their DLC for free, mod tools, and don’t have any DRM on their games. Oh, and the worst thing they did to people they know who pirated their game? Send them an e-mail asking them to pay for it if they thought it was good. They then apologized for it doing that. They are pretty nice guys. So while this game probably won’t be coming out anytime soon, I’m going to support it. This leads me to have high hopes for this game. As well as their other unannounced project that is probably The Witcher 3 that will be released sooner.

In this universe they have created, you can augment yourself in any manner you like, turning yourself into a cyborg if you will. Blades that come out of your arms? Sure, why not. When people do this though, the implants can fight back against your body, and you go crazy and flip out and kill people. This is what we are seeing in this teaser. A heavily augmented women has gone all psycho and killed a bunch of people. The police aren’t enough to stop her, so they call in the MAX-TAC agents, who are known as the “Psycho Squad” and deal with this kind of thing. So watch the trailer and check back on February 5th to find out about their other project in the works.

In case you’re wondering, the song in the trailer is Bullets by Archive.


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