MW3, a side by side by side comparison!

There are many gamers out there that only have 2 of the 3 above that are able to play Modern Warfare 3, so the question is always the same; which system should I buy for.  Well, YouTube user Robbaz has compiled a video of all 3 at the same exact points for a visual comparison.  While no matter what the PC version is hands down the best that you can play it on, there are many people who do not spend the money for a latest and greatest video card every time that an amazing game comes out.  Click READ MOAR for a brief recap and the video, so you can decide for yourself.

Yes, obviously the PC version looks amazing.  All of the textures are the smoothest out of the 3 and the smoke effects are amazing.  The only drawback is that the computer playing it is set all the way to max and everyone’s individual computers will yield different results.  Personally I love FPS best on the computer, and am much better using this medium, but keeping up with the latest and greatest graphics card is a little much on the wallet.  That being said, if you have the choice between the 2 remaining consoles the PS3 version looks better than the 360.  Sure it’s not a huge difference, but if you have the choice go with the PS3.  The textures look a lot better (the 360 actually looks like they put a slight fuzz filter over everything to masque some visual flaws) and the smoke and fire looks a little bit better as well.  Don’t take my work for it, you be the judge.


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