Skyrim Day is here! Are you pleased with your choice?

Skyrim day has come and millions of people have run out to purchase their copy of the popular Dragon slaying RPG. I for one however came Oh so close to giving Skyrim the WFTBB Award. Now before you go on your huge “Hey, he’s hatin’ on Skyrim…Kill him” Rant listen to me first. You know that this game is going to be full of Bugs, I hope I am wrong but based on the slew of Bugs on YouTube, before the game was out to the masses, its not looking too good.   If you purchased this game already let me know what you think or how buggy the game is, I for one will be waiting for the Game of the year edition (heh W.F.T.G.O.T.Y.E.A) as hopefully most of the problems will be fixed and Ill get all the DLC.  Ok, let the flogging begin.  *hides*

Kotaku has an article on a new bug found, sounds pretty nasty

My Personal Fave


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