Metro Exodus To Be Larger than 2033 & Last Light Combined

Metro Exodus,  the third installment in the Metro series, is turning out to be quite a bit larger than 2033 and Last Light. It was said the Exodus would span an entire year, covering all 4 seasons as you moved across Russia after leaving the Metro behind.

This would certainly point to the game being longer. Executive Producer Jon Bloch gave an interview to PlayStation Magazine UK revealing many juicy details on the game set to come out later this year.

The script for Exodus is larger than 2033 and Last Light combined. Not only that, but every city you come across measures 3-4 square kilometers in size. Bloch had this to say:

“Larger than both Metro 2033‘s and Metro: Last Light‘s scripts combined, including all DLC.

Choosing when and how to approach different situations will have measurable effects on the players experience while completing tasks”.

Having played the first two, with this installment going open world, pegs the main story line at more than 20-25 hours. If I wasn’t hyped enough already, I am now. Bloch wasn’t quite finished though, as he went on to say

“Encounter new societies, religions, ways of life, environments, monsters, and mutants. Some will seem familiar in some ways and some will be completely new. The mix of classic Metro gameplay with these new sandbox environments provide a lot more freedom and options to the player while still maintaining what we think makes our previous games so enjoyable.”

HYPE! So much hype. So let’s recount what we just found out. The script is longer than 2033 and Last Light combined, including all the DLC. Open world, with 3-4 square kilometer cities. Freedom to go where you want and make chocies that change the outcome and how the game plays out. Likely these choices will be similar to ones made in the previous entries that resulted in different endings. These “choices” aren’t so much did you hit the good guy reaction or bad guy reaction, but did you choose to kill that guy who just woke up and surrendered, or did you shoot him? (I shot him in Last Light). Did you save that mutant that got attacked who just attacked you? These are all choices you made throughout playing the game that you didn’t know you were making, you were just playing the game. That’s 0ne of the things that made these games great.

4A also crafted one of the best worlds in the previous games, so now it’s just turned up to 11. This is an easy choice for my most looked forward to game of the year. I’ll even count last year in that too. I need this game more than I need anything else. BRB why I go freak out some more.


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