E3 2017: Metro Exodus Announced

4A Games unveiled Metro Exodus, the third game in the Metro series based off the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The Metro games are some of my favorite games, so when I saw the gas mask come up on the screen at the Xbox Briefing I went full fan boy. If you haven’t played either Metro 2033 or Metro Last Light, I suggest you read our reviews on those games and go buy them.  The game looks amazing too. The visuals were stunning. In this latest installment, we’ll see more of Russia than just Moscow this time, as you leave the Metro and head east on board an armored train. Metro Exodus makes the shift to open world in this latest installment and takes place over the course of a year, giving you all 4 seasons in the Post-Apocalyptic wasteland of what used to be Russia. Metro Exodus comes to Xbox One, PC, and PS4 sometime in 2018, and I need it now. Seriously 4A, give it to me.

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