E3 hasn’t fully started, but I’m sure you’re well aware the press conferences have been moving fast these last few days.  While we’ve had good times at many of the pressers that we attended, it would appear that a press conference that nobody could go to may have won the day.  Don’t believe me?  Got 15 minute to spare?  Check out the full press conference below.

Mocking everything that E3 has become, Devolver Digital put together one of the funniest presentations I’v seen in a very long time.  It wasn’t all satire though, they did manage to announce a couple of new games, mixed in with all of that yelling and tech creation.  Ruiner actually looks really fun, and who can resist another Serious Sam game (especially a top down version).  Congrats Devolver, you may have just won E3… until something else blows our minds out of our buttholes.

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