What’s that?  Didn’t know that it even needed to make a resurgence?  Dont’ feel bad, most of us didn’t.  Apparently Kojima pretty much canceled the game a while back and decided not to tell anyone.  With the help of Platinum Games though, the game is back on track.  Word on the street is that Kojima was piggy backing it on to the MGS4 engine but everyone was having trouble deciding on the direction they were going to take.  From what I heard, there are many different ways to approach the idea of “let’s cut everything in the fucking game”; who knew?  The direction Platinum seems to be taking looks to be on the right track and they have apparently overhauled everything that Kojima did.  Check out the video that premiered at the Spike VGA’s after the break.  Don’t feel bad about not watching the award show, I’m sure you and I aren’t the only ones.

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