Not much has surfaced about this game since it first showed up at E3… 2010, but now the developers have finally gotten everything down pat.  From what they say, they had all of the mechanics completely down and they were pretty much just working on visuals and story for the last year and a half.  From the looks of it, it appears they were going for a good mixture of Harry Potter and Zelda.  Looking at the mechanics of the game, I think it could end up doing well (provided the story is up to snuff).  I have hopes for this game but won’t invest too much time hoping for now.  Unfortunately, a lot of games made specifically for motion tend to be OK on the story front but at least do a good job with the mechanics.  I will say though, that the ability to combine spells is quite intriguing.  Look for this game to pop up Spring ’12 (a year later than originally anticipated) and click the READ MOAR to see the old and new videos (the new with a dev interview).  You can also read the full interview on the Playstation Blog.

New video:

Original E3 Video:


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