Gearbox Announces the Great Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt *UPDATE*

What’s that, you need a reason to boot up Borderlands 2 again?  Well, here you go!  As Claptrap said, starting Friday players can partake in an epic hunt to get rare loot and win up to $50,000!  All that’s required is that you play the game as much as possible, have your console connected to the internet, and have a SHiFT account.


According to the Borderland Facebook Page there will be a delay in the contest:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience today while we overcame technical difficulties with the start of our Loot Hunt event. 

Due to the nature of these difficulties, we will be officially starting the Loot Hunt tomorrow, October 12th, at 11AM EDT. 

Apologies for any inconvenience. 

Be sure to check tomorrow at 11AM EDT for full Loot Hunt info!



Fame, fortune, and loot – both real-world and in-game – are up for grabs when the Borderlands 2 $100K Loot Hunt sweepstakes begins on October 11, 2013!

Here’s how it works:

  • Register to participate on
  • Beginning October 11, play Borderlands 2 each day to complete the Daily Target for your chance at in-game and real-world loot totaling $100,000 in prizes!

After you’re opted in, all you need to do is wait until October 11 and make sure you’re connected to the internet whenever you play Borderlands 2!

In addition, Borderlands 2 players around the globe will reap the benefits (and loot) of the Daily Target as well as updates to make certain weapons more powerful — all you need to do is make sure you’re connected to the internet when you boot up Borderlands 2!

Ambitious loot hunters can enter the sweepstakes simply by taking down the daily targets once a day for a total of 28 entries. In addition to the many weekly sponsored prizes, one lucky loot hunter will win a grand prize of $50,000, and four others will win varying amounts of cash totaling another $50,000. Only US players are eligible for cash prizes and sponsored prizes. However, all players worldwide can participate in the Loot Hunt, and the exclusive community goals granting access to unique in-game loot.

Along with the cash, here’s a look at the other great prizes available:

  • PlayStation Vitas with copies of Borderlands 2 for the PS Vita once it’s out
  • Custom Borderlands 2 Turtle Beach headsets
  • An Nvidia Shield PC Streaming set-up with a Tiki PC by Falcon Northwest
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti GFX cards
  • Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition Strategy Guides by BradyGames
  • Lifetime supplies to all 2K titles on Steam – past, present, and future

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