Funktronic Labs was showing off a new game in the Indiecade area of a new game in the Starbear series. Starbear Taxi is a VR title that came out on May 3rd this year, and Starbear Boats, as it’s currently called takes the lovable protagonist on a new adventure. Funktronic Labs is known for their VR games, buts this new game isn’t VR at all, but rather a more traditional title. Starbear Boats isn’t really a fitting name for it, as it’s currently only a working title. As we talked about it on our podcast, a better name for it would be CIA Pro Waterboarding, as the game is basically Tony Hawk Pro Skater with Starbear riding a boat rather than a skate board.

You perform all the same tricks, like grinding, kickflips, and manuals, only with a boat and water physics. It’s an insanely fun little indie game made even better when you find out there is a deathmatch mode complete with AKs and M4s to shoot each other with. I’m looking forward to getting some more time with it in the future, in fact, I enjoyed it so much I gave it one of our Best of E3 2018 awards.

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