E3 2016: Steep Gameplay First Impressions

Surprise announcement by UbiSoft Steep promises to fill an empty niche I haven’t really seen attempted since 1080 Snowboarding over 20 years ago.

The world of “extreme sports” isn’t very well covered currently and Steep looks to make good on any Point Break junky’s desire for Snowy-Mountain based thrills. From skiing, snowboarding, wingsuits and parachuting there is plenty of ways to get down the mountain in style…of course you can also ride your face down the mountain too but hey at least its all fun.

Here is the announcement trailer:

While playing around on the mountain I found it fairly easy to navigate and pull off SICK tricks and rad moves bro…. Moving from drop zone to drop zone was as simple as a push of a button and at any time you can switch what activity you are doing. Start with a wingsuit gliding down the mountain for a quick race, parachute and switch to snowboard almost seamlessly and start another quick race. Races or challenges seem to be placed all over the mountain and seem to allow you to start and join them seamlessly with other players at the same time ie no 321 count downs, the second you hit a start line you are racing other players or most likely their ghosts. While the world of extreme sports is currently mostly untapped Steep could be the shot of energy the genera needs. *SLAMS A RED BULL*

Demo play:

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