Man Alive its tough when you got all this work and all these games to play. I know it sounds silly like “oh noes! I haz to play vidmo games!” but seriously, I see why game journalists become so jaded, but I still don’t understand why they become dicks

(ha ha @ Duke Nukem Forever reviews).

Seriously I recently got to play a bit of Good ole Duke Nukem Forever and it was exactly what I was expecting. I remember running around shooting shit and not really caring why I was doing anything *shake it baby* so I don’t understand why all these reviewers are giving Gearbox a hard time for re-creating a classic. Give them a break, I bet that these same jerks would have complained about the game if they changed everything about the Duke and made a modern shooter. Think about how the new episodic Sonic game came out and everyone wined about the changes to the game (hell any new Sonic game). Now think about how Gearbox made Duke Nukem Forever and everyone wines about how its just what…too Nostalgic??….. Stupid. /Rant

Anyway, as I was saying, I got a lot to do.  Look forward to AMAZING reviews on:












Once…you know…I BEAT IT FIRST!!!!

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