Alpha Protocol: Mission: Beat it in a week.

As you know I like to play games that are cheap and off the radar.  I enjoy posting about games that you may not have seen or heard about as most of these games are awesome.  However every once in a while I do play a stinker and usually will ignore it and move on but now I have a challenge.

On Saturday I decided I would give Alpha Protocol a chance as it sounded interesting but got poor reviews.  Because most reviewers are full of crap,  I figured that for $15 Ill give it a shot.   The clerk at Gamestop laughed at my choice and informed me that they have a 7 day guarentee that if I dont like the game/ doesnt work I can bring it back for a refund/ store credit as he was sure I would be back in one day.  O_o

*Start Mission Impossible theme song*

Mission:  Beat Alpha Protocol within one week.

Objectives:  Not going to concentrate on Achievements or playing on hard this is strictly a “speed run” (however I will still try to enjoy the game…if possible).

Mission Failure: If I have not beaten Alpha Protocol by Saturday or if I cannot get a refund (that would be a fail on GS side)

Assistance:  None, I will not use any cheats or guides (I never do anyway) this will be a pure test to see if I can get through this game without giving in to just return it

Wish me luck I WILL BEAT IT FIRST!

DA NAAAAAAAAA *end theme*

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