Difficulty played: No option

Difficulty felt:  Just enough to make you feel smart for doing something stupid

Platform: Xbox 360 (I know the image is PS3, as that was my original plan but the PSN was down so I had to go with the crappy system)

Time : about 8-10 Hours + 5-6 Hours Multiplayer



Portal 2 is one of those games that deserves its own genera.  Its a FPP First Person Puzzler…FPPS First Person Portal Shooter…I don’t know..what I do know is this game was FA! (fucking awesome).  As you know or should know Portal is a puzzle game involving the use and implementation of Portals for SCIENCE!

Portal 2 is a direct continuation to the first Portal game, although playing the first one is not necessary, you are really dumb if you don’t.  Seriously pick it up on your PC for like 5 bucks or get the Orange Box for your game box of choice..worth it.  Anyway Portal 2 puts you back in the shoes of good ole mute Chell and gives you a machine gun to hunt all the aliens…just kidding it gives you the portal gun again for more mind bending portal shenanigans.   In case you have not played the first game, these games are full of dark humor and the second one did not skimp on the funny.   I enjoyed every second of both campaigns (single player and multiplayer).    What is really interesting is the way Valve makes games, not only do they make a great video game they create an entire world and working system that makes you feel like you are actually running through a fully automated future lab trying to take down a bat shit crazy computer system,  the submersion they create is great with interactive story, and weaving multiplayer.  By weaving multiplayer I mean that the multiplayer campaign is completely separate from the single player but they are intertwined and relate to each other, which is great as it extends the game.  When was the last time you picked up a C.O.D. game and the multiplayer intertwined with whatever BS story they made up that year and that only %45 of the players played?  Never thats when.

Although the reply value is pretty low what makes it a lot of fun are tricks and challenges that you can find on your own, seriously look up on you tube some of the crazy crap that people do and whats interesting is the fact that the game encourages you to do crazy crap to get through the puzzles hell as long as you do it Glados don’t care


Seriously get this game, rent this game, just play this game any way you can I assure you that you will enjoy the crap out of it.  But just remember I Beat It First!

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