Borderlands 2: Major update

BL2On April 2nd gearbox is releasing quite the major update for Borderlands 2.  Included in the update, along with the much needed level cap increase to 61, is a Ultimate Vault Hunter mode.  The Ultimate Vault Hunter mode is another play through focused on people who are already max level (namely everyone).

Here’s what players on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can expect that day:
Changes in 4/2 Software Update (Free)

  • Adds new items to the Black Market:
    • One additional ammo upgrade for each ammo type, at 50 Eridium each.
    • Two more backpack storage space upgrades, at 50 and 100 Eridium respectively.
    • Two more bank storage space upgrades, at 50 and 100 Eridium respectively.
  • Increases the maximum amount of Eridium players can hold from 99 to 500.
  • Adds a new playthrough balanced for top-tier play: Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Various bug fixes.

Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack
(Free with Season Pass, $4.99 / 400 Microsoft Points separately)

  • Raises level cap to 61, allowing characters to gain 11 additional levels.
  • Characters gain a skill point with every level from 51 to 61, for a total of 11 more skill points.
  • Powerful new “Ancient” E-Tech relics and rare Pearlescent-grade weapons can be picked up in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode is unlocked for a character once they have completed the main story missions in True Vault Hunter Mode and reached level 50.
  • Unlike other playthroughs, Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode can be replayed multiple times with players able to reset their overall mission progress at any time from the Main Menu.
  • No more tutorial missions — characters in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode begin in Southern Shelf with the “Cleaning Up the Berg” mission.
  • While playing in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, enemies and bosses will scale according to the player’s current level or, if playing with others, the highest-level player in that party.
  • Gameplay changes in UVHM:
    • Enemy health generally increased 4x.
    • Enemies now have a moderate amount of health regeneration.
    • Increased duration of slag damage multiplier effect.
    • Upped the damage that slagged enemies take from 2x to 3x.
    • Weapon swap speed increased to better facilitate slag use.
    • Enemies now more likely to drop ammo.
    • Loot Midgets are now “Legendary Loot Midgets” that can drop Legendary and other top-tier gear.

I for one am super excited to get my hands dirty again in the world of Borderlands as I stopped playing because of my level cap.  Also keep a look out for a new playable character: Kreig The Psycho, as he is expected to be released this May while the Fourth (and probably last) campaign add-on coming in June.  Boy-oh-boy am I glad I got that seasons pass (as it feels like the first game where it was worth it) haha.  If you haven’t picked up your copy of Borderlands 2 yet I highly recommend it and if any of you wastelanders wanna party and take down some Mob bosses hit me up.


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